Bournemouth Computer Solutions Services


Computer Supply And Installation.


Bought a new computer or need one supplied? Choosing and setting up your new PC or Laptop can be confusing at best and extremely frustrating at worst. Bournemouth Computer Solutions Services offer computer installation help that will have you up and running quickly, easily and without any hassle. And that’s just the beginning. You might want to install programmes, download updates, set up broadband, transfer data from your old pc to you new pc, link to printers, get additional help for computer applications and more.


Training And Home Tuition.


We’re patient and helpful. This is the biggest reason why our clients choose us for home pc tuition and general PC help. We provide considerate and fun lessons in programs, emails and attachments, working with photos, surfing the internet, music, online computer help, downloads and even online shopping. This service is perfect if you don’t already have extensive computer knowledge.


Online Protection Services.


Most viruses were originally written as annoying software that did little harm. Now though, the latest ones can give pranksters full control over your PC. Computer viruses can even recognise when you enter credit card details or sensitive passwords and transmit this data back to the virus creator. At best, viruses can make your computer sluggish. At worst they can be a major danger to your file and bank accounts.Virus software will generally protect your computer against viruses, trojans and keylogger software. We can advise and arrange suitable protection and virus removal for you.


Computer Disposal And Recycling.


We can arrange for the safe and secure disposal or recycling of your old computer equipment. Indeed, data security is very important in this day and age. This is why we use the best methods available to totally eradicate all data contained on any equipment received by us. We can also provide on site data destruction for your peace of mind.


Tablet Help Services.


We can assist with the supply, installation, setup and tuition for your new tablet device. Though these can be intuitive to use, they can cause frustration initially due to the new approaches with creating initial accounts and downloading apps etc. We will be very pleased to smooth the transition to your new tablet device with you. Tablets that we can assist with include Ipad, Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Tabs. Also most other generic tablet devices, but if in doubt then please contact us using our contact form. We will be very pleased to be able to help you.


Computer Repair Services.


Operating systems not co-operating? Caught a nasty computer virus? Got the dreaded blue screen? Don’t worry when your computer misbehaves, we’ll come right over and have it back on track in no time. Our full pc diagnosis should quickly find out what the problem is. We fix computer problems on the spot or, if your computer is being a little more troublesome, we might recommend new parts.


Data Backup And Recovery Services.


Keeping a backup system of your data is an absolute must, albeit locally or indeed offsite. If your computer crashes and you haven’t backed up your files, you could lose them forever. Photos, documents, music, films, the lot. We store all sorts on our computers, holiday snaps, music, home videos, work assignments and more. Surprisingly, most people don’t keep a regular backup of these files! If your files become corrupt or damaged you risk losing everything! This can all be avoided with our computer data backup services. It’s Well worth having a system in place to cover all eventualities.


Virus And Malware Removal Services.


Sudden slowdowns, unexpected software issues, page re-directs on the web browser and programs appearing on your screen when you don’t expect them to all point to the possibility of a virus issue. If you need advice and a diagnosis then please do not hesitate to contact us.



Service Partners

  • Have used the services of Bournemouth Computer Solutions for my business now for three years. Always near immediate response times and impeccable attention to our companies needs at all times.–EDWARD JAMES

  • Have recently used the services of this business. Aided the revival of my data that was contained in my laptop after a virus took my machine over last month. They secured a fix within a day and returned my laptop in a much faster state than was encountered with the virus issue. It has been fine ever since.–ALAN STANLEY, FERNDOWN

  • Bournemouth Computer Solutions provide us with an annual service and virus protection renewals for our 3 home office machines. Their service is always very prompt (same day – when we’ve needed them) and reliable. Would recommend thoroughly to any small business out there.–J. ADAMS