PC and Laptop Upgrades


You may reach the point where you decide that you would like your computer to be a little faster, or run games better and would like the option of a more cost effective solution than buying a new machine. For PC And Laptop Upgrades – Bournemouth Computer Solutions can most certainly help.

Examples of upgrades would be more memory to speed up your machine, or a better graphics card to improve your in game graphics.

You may also be interested in the speed benefits of having a solid state hard drive installed as solid state offers substantial performance increase against that of a regular hard drive.

Desktop machines can be upgraded to a much higher specification without having to replace the entire machine. Typically, upgrades can consist of new motherboard, CPU and RAM. This will essentially be like giving your computer a heart, lungs and brain transplant. However, this kind of upgrade can require reinstalling Windows to work with these new parts.

We consider each case individually against a customers specification and advise on the best course possible. In some cases, we will recommend that a customer simply buys a new machine as upgrades will not offer the improvements required (more common with laptops). whatever may be the case, we will advise honestly on the best course of action as we feel fit for your requirements.

For any of the above issues with your PC or laptop, please don’t hesitate to either use the contact form or indeed ring us on 01202 859950/07894 459738. Advice over the phone is free and indeed we may well sort a very simple issue with you without the need for a visit. If we cannot assist without seeing the machine, then we can arrange a visit at a convenient time to suit yourself. We work when you don’t (including evenings and weekends).